Image courtesy of Angel Otero.

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“Present Memory is an online-only, bilingual presentation of new works by Angel Otero created in upstate New York in a new studio he recently opened. For Angel, this period of quarantine has propelled a new body of work. With this presentation, the gallery aimes to provide unique insight into the way Angel builds his paintings, moving beyond the physical process and making visible the years of material he has accumulated. Though known as a painter, Angel has long been a collector (of sorts) interested in materials, history, memory, random objects, and architectural spaces. An avid explorer of antique stores, a world traveler, and a lover of historic museums, every trip Angel takes results in new narrative inspiration as he finds that peculiar chaise lounge, obscure Bonnard painting, or off-the-beaten-path architectural wonder that ends up integrated into one of his paintings. The viewing room is live. Explore the rich source material, research, and inspirations behind Otero‚Äôs latest body of work.
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