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More than 30 exhibitions reveal the wonders of math in this 19,000-square-foot space. Interactive, hands-on, engaging and fun, the exhibitions invite participation, encourage experimentation, and spark curiosity in visitors of all ages and math skills. They bring math concepts to life in ways that amaze, astound enlighten and entertain. Many have surprising outcomes that stimulate visitors to want to understand why.

Exhibitions include:

Mathenaeum: A seven-­‐sided, columned geometric sculpture studio with stations that allow you to transform basic shapes into original designs. A 3-D printer will build your design before your very eyes.

Feedback Fractals: Get behind —and in front of— a camera to use effects to create unique, beautiful and ever-changing fractals.

Tracks of Galileo: Build downhill tracks with different curves and discover how to speed things up.

Hyper Hyperboloid: Sit on a swivel chair inside a chamber walled by vertical cords. Spin and watch as the straight cords come together to form a curved surface that surrounds you.

Math Square: Walk into an ever-changing display screen floor that detects your feet. You might be inside a maze, a game, a pattern or a simulation. You steps affect the action below!

Harmony of the Spheres: Touch connected glowing spheres to make and see music. Explore major chords, minor chords and harmonies. Watch the patterns of colored lights as the music moves through space.

3-D Doodle: Turn 2-D doodles into 3-D images by stacking them the right way in the 3-D display.

Tile Factory: Create a unique tile that will fit together perfectly to cover any flat surface with no gaps or overlaps. Then watch as the MoMath laser cutter creates a real set of tiles in the shape you designed to take home.

Tessellation Station: Apply geometric magnetic tiles to MoMath’s largest metallic wall and unleash your creativity to make an endless variety of patterns and designs.

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