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December 21, 2012: the last day of the Mayan long count calendar. Many have prophesied that this day marks doom–will the earth perish in flame and flood, leaving only John Cusack alive, as the ancient scriptures tell us?

Not even John Hodgman, The Daily Show‘s resident expert, knows for sure. But he is keeping John Cusack prisoner in his home, just in case. And on December 21, he will perform what is likely to be the last night of comedy entertainment ever.

Hodgman celebrates the publication of “That Is All,” the final installation of his “Complete World Knowledge” trilogy, with two events on the night that the Mayans purportedly identified as the end of days.

Join Hodgman–comedian, author, famous minor-television-personality, and deranged millionaire–at the Bell House for an evening of light humor concerning the end of all things. Learn what to hoard after the collapse of civilization, how to ride The Blood Wave, and which wines to enjoy before the imminent catastrophe experts call The Coming Global Superpocalypse, but which you may call Ragnarok, for short.

Along with musician Cynthia Hopkins and other special guests, Hodgman will count down to midnight, when his predictions will be proved true of false. Whatever happens, it will be a night of cathartic comedy, song and strange emotions that you will either immediately or never forget.