Free admission (all visitors, all hours)


Look up, look down! Viewing platforms at various levels help you discover the animal life in all layers of our walk-through rainforest habitat. Tortoises crawl along the ground, birds fly overhead, and lemurs leap through the canopy.

Listen to the lemurs.
Black-and-white ruffed lemurs communicate through loud calls, sometimes to declare their territory, and other times to sound the alarm if danger lurks. They also use a scent gland on their wrists to send smelly messages to each other.

Go birding.
Watch a golden weaver build its nest, make room for a Victoria crowned pigeon strolling by, and listen to the songs of the white-rumped shama.

Meet South America’s wild ambassadors.
A trio of mountain coatis, a big-nosed tamandua, and wild-haired golden lion tamarins make their home here in the Tropic Zone.

Seek out our masters of disguise.
Can you spot the Malayan mouse deer hiding in a tangle of plants on the jungle floor, or an Amazon tree boa curled up snug?

Learn the butterfly dance.
Red birds of paradise will take your breath away with their elegant courtship moves that experts call the “butterfly dance.”