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$15, in advance $18, at the door.

From the surreal Hollywood life as Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage’s office manager and actress to family illness and love, it’s all an uplifting story of one woman’s courageous romp through life’s heartaches, headaches and hysterics – “Why Not Me. Love, Cancer and Jack White” – is a new one-woman show from Chicago writer and performer Jen Bosworth. The groundbreaking performance takes place at this year’s New York International Fringe Festival.

Why Not Me Teaser from A Damn Nice Lady on Vimeo.

Based on Bosworth’s real-life experiences, the wry, energetic performance reveals the humorous gaffes and tribulations of her days as an actress living in Los Angeles and her return to Chicago as sickness and cancer engulf her family, while, at the same time, popular singer Jack White invades her nightly dreams as an escape from reality.

Why Not Me is a statement, not a question,” said Bosworth. Life is tough so live it bravely and go for it; that’s the essence of Why Not Me.” The show chronicles Bosworth’s move to L.A. in 2000 to seek stardom but she unexpectedly finds work as Nicolas Cage’s office manager, learning about the surreal workings of Hollywood, up close. Mid-way through the decade Bosworth gives up on Hollywood and heads home to help care for her ill father who would pass away  shortly after her return. Within two years her husband would survive a cancer battle and by the end of the decade her mother would die from cancer.

“Agents in L.A. told me I was too fat; I lived in a dump at night and picked pricey furniture for million-dollar mansions by day; I’m home and my parents die, oh, and my husband gets cancer but, hey, we all have our crap so turn it into gold.”