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The museum has regular exhibits in addition to sections on permanently on view. Two highly-detailed, hand-carved miniature wooden models of Downtown and Midtown Manhattan were donated to the museum by Arizona resident Mike Chesko, a devoted amateur model maker.

The models measure 17-3/4 by 20 inches for the Lilliputian Lower Manhattan and 37 by 31 inches for Midtown. The scale of the model is 3/8 inch for every 100 feet, meaning that the 1,250 foot Empire State Building reaches only 4.7 inches tall. The tallest of the tiny buildings are the Twin Towers (still standing in this model) which soar a full 5.1 inches. These models are so small that ten city blocks can fit in the palm of a hand.

A special section of the museum is devoted to the World Trade Center and rebuilding at Ground Zero. Maps and photographs of Lower Manhattan are also always on view.