Photo by Melissa Sweazy.


    Launched in 2015, MoBBallet (MoBB) preserves, presents, and promotes the contributions and stories of Black artists in the field of Ballet, illustrating that they are an integral part of dance history at large. Our mission is to illuminate the lesser-known history and legacies of international professional Black ballet artists that have been muted, or oftentimes eradicated from the larger canon of dance history, by being the digital platform that compiles it in one online location. MoBBallet reinstates these contributions and achievements in our ever-expanding historical Timeline and Roll Call and invokes the sentiment of a digital museum by curating online installations which include oral histories, written works and archival data. We house "traditional" archival material, as well as oral histories, the memoirs of Blacks in Ballet dancers, through the production of mini-documentaries that capture not only their artistry, but their humanity. Through the production of high-quality, inspiring and accessible content, MoBBallet keeps these legacies alive. In addition MoBBallet curates and facilitates forums for stimulating and dynamic conversations about race, diversity, equity, inclusion and art. MoBBallet promotes larger discussions within the dance community, as well as provides a platform and network for emerging dancers, educators, teachers, and choreographers. We are only as strong as our stories, therefore they must be told and preserved.