Celebrating its 45th year in 2013, Repertorio Español was founded in 1968 as a venue and production company for Spanish and Latin-American theater. Simultaneous English translation of classic Spanish-language drama is one reason Repertorio Español has an ardent following. Another is its capacity for staging top-notch productions.

Thematically, productions run the gamut, though there has been an emphasis in recent seasons on issues such as the plight of women and gays in a society still rife with traditional concepts of machismo; and of Spanish-speaking peoples confronting life in America, as well as more fabulist expression.

It produces many shows a year, including contemporary plays and Spanish classics, hosts school programs and theater workshops.

Foreign-language Programs
Only one of it productions (from 17 in repertory) is in English. All others shows are presented in Spanish with live simultaneous English translation via headsets.

Programs for Seniors
Residences in the form of workshops and classes as well as touring performances are offered to senior centers.


With a varied repertory of Spanish classics and contemporary Latin American plays, Repertorio Español opens a window on a cultural tradition. Through the support of donors, Repertorio subsidizes and lowers ticket prices for schools.

Matinee School Day Performances: Repertorio Español provides weekday matinees, school newsletter with advance schedules for planning and free tickets for teachers to preview a production. Each matinee performance is accompanied by supporting materials, pre-performance lectures and post-performance Question and Answer periods. To preview a production, call (212) 889- 2850 for a selection of available shows.

Free study guides are available to teachers for both in-theater and in-school productions.

Currently, the Company has mentoring programs in five NYC high schools: Theodore Roosevelt and Columbus in the Bronx, Arts & Business in Queens, Edward R. Murrow in Brooklyn and Norman Thomas in Manhattan.