Anthology Film Archives operates an international center for the preservation, study and exhibition of the essential works of film and video/landmarks in the history and aesthetic development of media as personal expression. In addition to its preservation and exhibition programs, Anthology gathers and maintains film and video collections, publishes books and catalogs and assembles traveling film and video exhibitions that are presented at museums and art centers around the world.

Anthology Film Archives provides a unique window onto the world of cinema, be it mainstream features, outsider independents, hand-held documentaries or the most austere experimental works. Those wondering whatever happened to the art-movie houses of old, take heart! Anthology—focusing on such film and video pioneers as Stan Brakhage, Jean Cocteau, Maya Deren, Carl Dreyer, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Flaherty, Jerome Hill, Nam June Paik and Warren Sonbert—is a steady reminder that the art of film is as varied as the languages of the world.