KidCinemaFest -The Washington Heights Children & Young People’s Film Festival’s was founded in 2009 by Armando Guareño. It is an annual event produced by Cine Art Entertainment Productions. The Festival presents remarkable works of children cinema which aims to contribute to the public knowledge of the need of educational cinema and is a tool to engage children in discussions with filmmakers and producers to develop their critical thinking about the processes of filmmaking. KidCinemaFest is a great opportunity to discover and to learn more about the diversity of the Children Cinema around the world, to increase the flow of understanding of the film industry, to spread information on recent films and to give higher visibility to excellence in children’s filmmaking.


    Our mission is to promote the cultural and expressive diversity of today's contemporary children's cinema, particularly in Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill and Bronx. The festival provides a forum for children and their families to celebrate the art of cinema and to screen the role that films play in children's artistic and educational lives.