The Municipal Art Society is a private, nonprofit organization that aggressively champions excellence in urban design, sanity in planning and preservation of the best of New York's past. Educational and advocacy efforts, including walking tours, public programs and exhibitions, are dedicated to making New York a more livable city.

The Municipal Art Society's Discover New York bus and walking tours run on a staggered schedule (some tours are held only intermittently) and cover many of the city's most fascinating neighborhoods. These urban adventures explore Grand Central Terminal (tours run every Wednesday), Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the East Village, Downtown Skyscrapers, Tribeca and the African Burial Ground, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Immigrant New York and many others.

The Municipal Art Society offers a wide range of lectures, forums and other public events—including talks by architects and planners, and writers discussing their newly published works—in venues through the city.


A free summer program called Investigating Where We Live gives middle and high school students instant cameras and sets them off to explore neighborhoods around the city in order to build their understanding of their architectural, social and cultural environment through photography, drawing and writing exercises.

For more information call (212) 935-9727 x284.