CITYarts brings people together through the creation of public art that improves the quality of life in their communities. Professional artists work hand-in-hand with New Yorkers of all ages to transform neglected urban areas into vibrant public spaces with site-specific murals, mosaics and sculptures.
We were are currently working on a mural on the lower east side. In 2002, following the tragic events of 9/11, CITYarts collaborated with Grand Street and Henry Street Settlements, Disney VoluntEARS, and other community residents to paint a mural honoring the heroes of our city: the firefighters, policemen, and everyday New York citizens who worked tirelessly to restore our city. The mural, a source of pride for the community, has weathered over the years and is now in need of restoration and re-creation. CITYarts will once again be joined by Grand Street and Henry Street Settlements and Disney VoluntEARS. We will be there from 2pm - 5pm, Monday through Thursday ,throughout July and August. We will have other youth from our project collaborators with us painting on Monday - Wednesday in the afternoon as well.


CITYarts has brought children together with professional artists to create more than 272 public art projects that address civic and social issues.  For example, the Global HeART Warming mural outside St. John’s Recreation Center in Crown Heights (1251 Prospect Place, Brooklyn) depicts youth impressions of climate change. Often, we recieve family groups that want to spend some quality time together while completing an exciting and fulfilling public art project. If interested in volunteering with your family, please contact us.


CITYarts creates multiple projects every year and volunteers are needed to help on the murals, mosaics, and sculptures themselves. CITYarts welcomes opportunities to work with volunteer student groups on current projects around the city and also has a strong history partnering with and creating murals on school sites themselves. Currently,we would love volunteer groups for the restoration of the Alice on Wall Street mural located at West Street and Chambers Street. Begun in April, 2002 by Stuyvesant Highschool students, the mural depicts Alice traveling through New York City past and present and illustrates the students’ hopes and dreams of a peaceful future.  A new generation of Stuyvesant Highschool students, along with enthusiastic volunteers from the community, have been passionately working Monday-Friday afternoons to brighten and enliven the mural. This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of July. If interested, please contact us.

See photos of the mural: