Channel Thirteen is the flagship television station of the Public Broadcasting Service—a national, commercial-free, viewer-supported network known for its productions of top-notch programming in the arts and culture (Masterpiece Theater; Great Performances), science and nature (NOVA; Stephen Hawking's Universe), news and public affairs (News Hour with Jim Lehrer; ITN World News) and the humanities (The 1900 House; The American President).

Thirteen/WNET produces about a third of the prime-time public-television programming aired in the United States, for which it often taps the unmatched cultural resources of New York City. In its dual capacity as both local television station and major production center, Thirteen/WNET is a leading national cultural institution.

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Thirteen's provides a number of local arts and culture programs including:

ArtThirteen Newsletter

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THIRTEEN's weekly arts and culture showcase airing every Sunday at noon. On the SundayArts Web site at you will be able to see the latest news, learn about new museum acquisitions, browse our New York City resources, watch artist interviews, and preview our selections broadcast each Sunday at noon. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, submit a question to our editors or follow the most recent discussions on the SundayArts blog.

Reel 13

Every Saturday night at 9, Reel 13 goes on the air on Thirteen, reaching a potential audience of millions throughout the New York metro region. The weekly lineup includes a classic feature, the winning short film chosen by visitors to the Reel 13 website at, and an exciting new indie feature.

New York on the Clock

THIRTEEN's online original series, New York on the Clock reveals a day in the life of New York's workforce - the men and women who keep the city thriving. Each episode is a mini-documentary featuring an on-the-job interview with a New Yorker at work. The series illuminates the lives of our neighbors in their own voices and presents a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a metropolis, one worker at a time. Watch full episodes at

The City Concealed

The idea with THIRTEEN's original series The City Concealed is a simple one: We take you to historical locations around New York City that are either off-limits to the general public, or are otherwise difficult or impossible to see. Watch full episodes at


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Kids Club THIRTEEN is a family membership to NYC's PBS station, Channel Thirteen.


Instructional Television (ITV): Thirteen devotes more than 1,300 hours each year to broadcasting ITV-programming designed and produced specifically for use in the classroom. ITV is to be used in correlation with existing curricula and integrated into educational plans according to teachers' needs. Teacher guides that provide lesson plans and discussion topics accompany virtually all ITV programs. To find out more, call (212) 560-2032.

wNetSchool: Thirteen's colorful, user-friendly Web site was designed by and for teachers, and offers original Internet-based lessons, standards-based resources, access to education and technology experts, and specific techniques for implementing projects in the classroom. For more information, call (212) 560-6868 or visit the site at