American Place Theatre offers audiences new plays by living American writers. In recent years, American Place Theatre has implemented and expanded several education programs including Literature to Life, a performance-based literacy program that presents professionally staged adaptations of significant American literary works; Teacher's Place, a series of workshops for teachers which provide them with strategies for using dramatic techniques in the classroom and Urban Writes, 12 week residencies in city high schools encouraging creative drama and playwriting as a means of student self-expression and a catalyst for literacy.


Literature to Life: A performance-based program for junior high and high school students. In each 90-minute session, students experience a dramatic adaptation of a piece of great American literature chosen from New York City school reading lists. The post-show discussion employs drama-based exercises to further the relationship between the workshop and the text.

Literature to Life Residencies: One to 12-week series designed to encourage student self-expression through playwriting, theatrical production and interpersonal communication. The initial models for writing are Literature to Life performances and the texts from which they were developed. Sessions on Oral History, the Immigrant Experience and American Slave Narratives are also offered.

Programs for Teachers
Literature to Life Professional Development trains classroom teachers in the use of drama activities (similar to those used in Literature to Life) as a tool for promoting reading, writing and critical thinking. Workshops include Drama as a Catalyst for Exploring Literature, Conflict Management Through Literature, and Creating Original Dramatic Writing.