The Noble Maritime Collection is a museum and study center dedicated to celebrating New York Harbor and the work of American artist, John A. Noble (1913-83), whose houseboat studio is its centerpiece. The museum interprets the history of the famous retirement home, Sailors’ Snug Harbor, in a fully rehabilitated former dormitory erected in 1841, now a National Historic Landmark.

Permanent exhibitions focus on the history of Sailors’ Snug Harbor and include a typical dormitory room and the Writing Room, with original furnishings and a restored ceiling mural painted around 1860.

Programs for Seniors and Adults
Workshops are wide-ranging. Among the adult programs are Memoir Writing, which encourages vivid and honest writing about life-changing events and experiences; CloseKnit, a knitting club that creates knitted items for mariners and various charities; and A Helluva Choir for people who think they can’t sing.

Children’s education programs include the maritime history lessons by way of storytelling, art and song; printmaking workshops; and watercolor and drawing classes.

The museum also has professional printmaking studios which are open to the public for a nominal fee.

Foreign-language Programs
School programs and camps for ESL students are offered in Spanish.

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Interactive history programs specialize in storytelling and the visual arts. In Ship Ahoy!, for example, Lady Liberty presents the history of New York Harbor through songs, games and movement, and then leads the class in drawing ships from the museum's collection of models. Visual arts lessons utilize an on-site printmaking studio, the museum's galleries and the nearby harbor views. A pre-visit study packet is provided to teachers.