The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre (PRTT) offers performances and student workshops in both Spanish and English.

Its theater occupies a former firehouse building at 304 West 47th Street, in the heart of the Broadway district. The PRTT undertook a $2-million renovation of the distinctive red-brick structure to include a fully equipped, 194-seat theater with proscenium stage. The PRTT's mainstage, Playwrights Unit and administrative offices are housed at this location.

The PRTT's Raul Julia Training Unit runs its programs out of the Julia de Burgos Cultural Center at 1680 Lexington Avenue, between 105th and 106th Streets in East Harlem. The center is an important community hub for the Latino and African American communities.

Programs for Seniors
The free, annual Summer Tour performs in communities throughout New York City, including performances hosted by community and senior centers.

Foreign-language Programs
The company's productions are often bilingual, as are its programs, synopses and brochures.


Presentations of dramatized short stories by Dominican writer Huan Bosch can be staged for schools at the theatre's annex or brought to school auditoriums, classrooms, or gymnasiums. Performances are in Spanish (for short stories). English synopses are provided. Duration: 35 minutes to 1 hour.