Sony Wonder Lab in Midtown is an interactive science and technology center where visitors can discover how electronics are used in daily life and various professions, including health and medicine, environmental engineering, computer technology and entertainment.


Family workshops take place after film screenings, with activities designed according to the themes presented in the films. Birthday parties may also be reserved at the museum.


Beginning in July, 2008, the lab will resume its availability for school group visits. The in-class, multidisciplinary Mobile Lab is available throughout the school year and summer school.

School groups can take advantage of a number of programs.

In Foley This, a two-day workshop, children learn what it takes to be a Foley Artist. Participants experiment with special effects tools and a computer program used to create and manipulate sounds for the movies. Participants will synchonize their sounds with pre-recorded video footage and receive a copy of their work.

In Take One, children are introduced to the world of video camera technology. Through activities that help them understand the inner and outer workings of a video camera, participants learn how to capture the images they want on tape. Each child will create their very own video "short." (This workshop is a prerequisite for all future video workshops except the adult/child workshops).

In Video Generations, a two-day workshop, adults and children explore how the world of communication technology has affected their own personal histories, dreams and futures by producing their very own video documentary. Please come with family photos and facts.