The Storefront advances innovative architecture, art and design, as well as science, ecology, landscape design, cultural criticism, philosophy and urban planning. The gallery regularly organizes informal discussions, conferences of international import, competitions and exhibitions. One particularly representative example: Researching Cities, a survey of the unique architectural dilemmas facing Berlin, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Mexico City, Rome and Singapore.

    Founded in 1982, the original facility was located in a small storefront on Prince Street. In 1986 the organization moved to its present quarters, an unusual semitriangular gallery on the edge of SoHo and Little Italy. In 1993, the storefront commissioned a collaborative building project by artist Vito Acconci and architect Steven Holl. The project replaced the existing fa├žade with a series of wall sections that pivot horizontally or vertically, enabling the entire length of the building to open onto the street, making the Storefront itself into a landmark of contemporary architecture.