The Merchant's House Museum is New York City's only family home preserved intact—inside and out—from the 19th century.

Built in 1832 just steps from Washington Square, this elegant red-brick and white-marble row house on East Fourth Street was home to a prosperous merchant family and their domestic servants for almost 100 years.

Complete with the family's original furnishings and personal possessions, the house offers a rare and intimate glimpse of domestic life in New York City from 1835-1865.


The self-guided tour visits three floors of the House, including the kitchen, elegant double parlors, and parents' bedrooms. You'll see original furnishings, decorative arts, and personal belongings from the Tredwells, a prosperous merchant-class family, and their staff of four (mostly Irish) domestic servants. Come learn what life was like from 1835-1865, as New York transformed from a seaport into a commercial metropolis.


Come see what life was really like in mid-19th century New York City. Students will explore three floors of period rooms and learn about the Tredwells, the wealthy merchant family who owned the House, and the Irish servants who lived and worked here. Supports New York State curriculum goals, including "industrial growth and expansion" and "urbanization: economic, political, and social impacts."