Founded in 1992, Yaffa's mission is to provide the highest quality multicultural arts programs to young people and the general community as a vehicle for educating, inspiring and fostering a spirit of high self-esteem, respect of diversity and human consciousness.


Workshops and residencies designed for specific schools are available. Residencies that address self-esteem building, conflict resolution and diversity include, The Harlem Reanaissance and Carnival. Programs meet the New York State Learning Standards in the arts and language arts. Disciplines include storytelling; drama; African, Chinese and Latin dance; African and Latin percussion; media; and the visual arts. Assembly programs include spoken word, storytelling, music and dance performances presented by artists from an international roster of groups.

Programs for Teachers
Professional development for schools or entire districts is available, including programs that address literacy through the arts, creative classroom management, stress management, diversity and conflict resolution. Parent workshops are also available.