Founded in 1975, Lincoln Center Education (previously Lincoln Center Institute) is the educational cornerstone of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Lincoln Center Education’s practice is rooted in collaboration between artists and teachers that provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore and understand the arts. Students see live performances and engage in creative and analytical exploration that, in turn, supports learning across the curriculum.

Lincoln Center Education is widely recognized as a national leader in the field of arts and education, providing a model for similar programs across the nation and abroad. Summer professional development workshops are available to teachers from across the country.

Performances are held occasionally in its Clark Studio Theater.


The Institute offers workshops for families in schools that participate with Lincoln Center Institute.


The Institute partners with schools in two ways: Partnership Schools and a whole-school (Focus School Collaborative). Educators at schools wishing to get involved with Lincoln Center Institute attend professional development workshops offered by the Institute to get started. Students experience performances, visits to museums and architectural sites, as well as film viewings. Art-making explorations focus on works of art that serve as an inexhaustible resource for inquiry, reflection, research and review of the participants' own work.