Established in 1976 by its eponymous, Mexican-born dancer/choreographer, Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater produces dance compositions filtered through a blend of contrasting and subtly cohering styles. The company's approach might be termed eclectic and embracing, as it employs, jazz, Latin and neo-classical dance forms that range from the soberly dramatic to the broadly comic. Mi Interpretacion is a sparkling female solo set to Spanish music that has a mix of Flamenco, Spanish and ballet styles. In Joggernot, dancers jog ambitiously and comically to music by Elisabeth Claude Jaquet de la Guerre, a rare 17th-century French female composer, against a backdrop of joggers in Central Park.

Foreign-language Programs
Some 30% of the company's programs are offered bilingually in English and Spanish. Brochures are available in Spanish.

Programs for SeniorsĀ 
AGDT offers one-hour programs at senior centers that include oral commentary, brief age-appropriate movement and a question and answer period.


Performances are geared towards families.


The company offers special 45-minute educational programs in public schools for students, teachers and staff, which consist of four short works and a guided improvisation for 8 to 10 students on stage. Also offered are age-appropriate residencies by company teaching artists geared for students in grades Pre-K to 12. Residencies feature traditional Mexican dance, jazz dance, modern dance and freestyle improvisational choreographic experiments. All programs include educational material and careful follow up.