GOH Productions (formerly known as 7 Loaves) is a producing and presenting organization that has operated out of Manhattan's East Village since the mid-1970s. The organization creates, produces and presents original works by artists working in the areas of experimental theater, dance, music, performance, folk art, film and the visual arts, or any combination thereof. Projects have included performances by the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre; Yoshiko Chuma and the School of Hard Knocks; managerial services for artists Myung Soo Kim, Tamar Rogoff and Ralph Lee among others.



Professional puppeteers conduct workshops for elementary and middle school students that focus on the creation and
performance of puppet plays based on curriculum requirements in the subject areas of history, social studies, music, writing, math, etc. The workshops
run from 10 to 24 sessions, depending upon the needs of the school, and address New York City Department of Education Standards for Learning in the areas of English language arts for grades 3 and up.