Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2007 but was founded in 1987 by choreographer and teacher Marla Hirokawa to allow her students to perform alongside professional dancers. She has choreographed nine original dance dramas and many other shorter works. The historic ballets her company performs tie in well with social studies curriculum in schools.

The dance academy at CBTB offers classes in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, flamenco, Pilates and yoga to children and adult students.



Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn’s (CBTB) Live Dance Performances have acquainted hundreds of children each year to the beautiful “language” of dance. CBTB’s repertoire of historic, narrative ballets brings history to life on stage and serves as a means to expose young students to the fascinating and compelling world of dance. Prior to the performance, CBTB teaching artists travel to the schools to prepare the students for what they will see.

Student Movement Workshops allow students to experience the dance technique and choreography as well as to learn the history behind the ballets.

After the performances, students can enjoy Meet-The-Artists to learn from the professional dancers. For many students, CBTB’s live dance performance is their first exposure to the art of dancing.

Dance Residencies are based on one of CBTB’s historic ballets or a classroom subject. This program is designed to expose children to dance and give them the opportunity to explore the creative, choreographic process.  The teaching artists travel to the schools, introduce the “classic” performance dance styles (ballet, modern and jazz), guide the students in the creation of their own dances based on the chosen subject and then help prepare students for the performance of their own dances.

Professional Development Meetings are optional programs given to teachers to help integrate the arts-in-education programs into their classroom curriculum.

A Dance Field Trip may be scheduled to CBTB Dance Academy for a 1 1/2 hour workshop with CBTB teaching artists who will introduce students to ballet, modern or a combination of both and guide them in creating their own dances. Or, the students may enjoy a workshop in ballet or modern followed by a studio performance by CBTB professional dancers.

Please call for fees and more information: Lucie Santoro, Program Director (718) 891-6199.