One of the foremost facilities of its kind in the United States, the museum offers exhibitions, Chinatown walking tours, a slide show and an extensive archive and reference library about the history of Chinese-Americans. The museum's new location is in a space designed by Maya Lin.

The exhibition With a Single Step: Stories in the Making of America presents the diverse layers of the Chinese-American experience, while examining America’s journey as a nation of immigrants. It interweaves the historical and political context of Chinese immigration to the United States with the personal stories and cultural traces of multiple generations.


The museum offers public programs for visitors of all ages, including Chinatown walking tours, gallery tours, lectures, performances, conferences, family programs and special events. Check out for a current schedule of programs.


Guided gallery programs and Chinatown walking tours are designed to engage schoolchildren in a dialogue about history and culture, using the Chinese diaspora and the Americas as a model for understanding their own experiences and familiy histories. Students can also examine primary sources to enhance their critical observation skills and personal reflections.