Founded in 1978, Bond Street Theatre creates innovative theater performances that cross cultural borders and address social and environmental issues. The company works primarily in post-war regions and areas of conflict and poverty around the world. The current focus is Afghanistan, India and Myanmar.

    In each focus area, the company initiates theater projects for education, healing and empowerment. Its three-fold strategy includes collaboration with local artists, teacher training to sustain the programs and participatory theater-based workshops for children, women and disadvantaged populations.

    To reach the widest audience, performances are non-verbal, physical, visual and musical. Workshops focus on communication and leadership training, team-building, creativity and  self-expression, problem-solving, imagination, empowerment, physical challenges, story-telling, and addressing issues through theater.

    Its mission is to create innovative theater works that communicate across lingual and cultural borders; to address social, political, and environmental issues with imagination and clarity; to further cross-cultural understanding by initiating arts programs in a wide range of  communities globally, particularly areas of conflict and poverty; and to stimulate others towards these ends through artistic exchange and collaboration.

    In 1990, the company received a MacArthur Award for its innovative interdisciplinary and intercultural programming. Bond Street Theatre also presents its performances in theaters and festivals around the world and maintains an active arts-in-education and internship training program.

    The company has traveled in China, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Israel, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and across Europe and the US.