The Voelker Orth Museum is a bird sanctuary and Victorian garden that functions as a museum maintaining the cultural and historical heritage of Queens and Long Island. First purchased by a German immigrant by the name of Conrad Voelker in 1881, the house was bequeathed as an educational institution after the death of Conrad's daughter Theresa in 1993.

Now serving as a bird sanctuary, the museum's distinguishing feature is it garden, which is maintained using gardening methods from the 18th century including hand pruning and the use of natural pesticides. Migrating birds such as orioles, mockingbirds, blue jays and a variety of butterflies are often visable, as are honey bees, a staple of the museum's educational programs.

Docents give tours of the house, which has original period belongingsof the Orth family. Exhibitions of paintings and photography are hung in the parlour and dining room and concerts using the house's Sohlmer piano, made in Astoria, Queens, take place occasionally.



Numerous on-going school programs related to nature are offered during the week. See individual events.