The Dance Parade honors New York's innovative role in dance and its great diversity in dance traditions. New York dancers have given birth to voguing, the Charleston, the jitterbug—even salsa took its first steps in the Cuban communities of New York.

    The annual Dance Parade, since 2007, is a multicultural, multigenerational expression of dance. The organization fosters cross-pollination of dance forms as it introduces audiences to novel styles and beats: teenagers to tango, clubbers to square-dancing, and seniors to hip-hop. The parade itself is usually the Saturday before Memorial Day in May, and starts at 21st Street and Broadway. It continues south via University Place, and east across 8th Street and St. Mark's Place to end in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village.

    As an umbrella organization, Dance Parade empowers and supports dance communities that do not have access to public funding yet have a communicative art form they wish to practice and promote. Dance Parade helps them build web sites, get access to materials, fundraise and reach broader audiences.