The Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation gave Angel Orensanz a house and its surrounding garden for the whole summer so he could share his creative imagination with island visitors.

    The Orensanz Summer Museum follows the concept of such illustrious precedents like Henry Thoreau at Walden Pond and Leo Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana and the American Barbizon movement in the late 19th and early 20th century, followed by the constant flow of New York artists to become part of the Hamptons' bohemia.

    The “compound” of the Orensanz Museum comes with a small lawn and a 30-foot-high poplar with a fabric sign that announces the domestic culture center. The summer museum will host al fresco meetings and discussions, at times scholarly and at times populist. The museum has scheduled a summer exhibition of Angel Orensanz drawings and sculpture-lights; poetry readings; high powered discussions on aesthetics and hermeneutics; intimate international video presentations and animated dialectical visions of urban trends and neighborhood struggles. For a detailed program, admission fees, subscription program and how to get to the island. please visit The opening day is June 12, 2009.

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