Created as a living memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust, the museum honors those who died by cherishing the traditions they embraced, examining their achievements and faith and affirming the vibrant worldwide Jewish community that is their legacy today.

Drawing from a collection of nearly 25,000 artifacts, photographs, testimonies, documents and historic films, which have been gathered over two decades, the exhibition opens new doors of understanding for people of all backgrounds about both the devastation wrought by ethnic and cultural intolerance and the power of hope. Throughout the core exhibition’s three floors, organized around the themes of Jewish Life a Century Ago, The War Against the Jews, and Jewish Renewal, the voices of Jewish people from all walks of life reverberate, telling their stories of survival and hope. The museum’s special exhibitions provide an opportunity to complement the themes of the core exhibition. They examine the multifaceted experiences of Jews in the 20th and 21st centuries.

In the 375-seat, state-of-the-art Edmond J. Safra Hall, the museum offers a full schedule of public programs that are both consistent with its mission and push its envelope.  The museum hosts films, concerts, and panel discussions throughout the year.




Family programs include concerts, storytelling, holiday themes, and arts and crafts. Visit for more information.


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