Director of Music, Cleveland Kersh at the Annual Fordham University Lessons & Carols Concert on December 4, 2010.


    St. Paul’s was built 1876-1884, by architect: Jeremiah O’Rourke. The outer facade is 13th-century old Gothic; the interior contains features of Byzantine style architecture.

    The Church has always taught that music and liturgy belong together. The function of the musicians (director, organists, cantors, and choirs) is to bring the Parish Community to prayer through song - as St. Augustine wrote, "To sing is to pray twice." Each week, we offer our time and talents in order to lead our parishioners in raising their voices to God. The Music Ministry consists of three choirs: the St. Paul Choir, The Young Adult Choir, and Coro Hispano. The English and Spanish volunteer choirs meet weekly to rehearse and to sing at Sunday liturgies.