Aicon Gallery's curatorial vision begins in India but reaches outwards internationally from there. The two gallery spaces are located in New York and London, and each provides a vital platform for artists based in the Indian Subcontinent to exhibit in the United States and Europe. Alongside in-depth, focused solo shows,  the galleries present a program of curated group exhibitions that are international in their scope and ambition.

    Aicon draws upon the academic interests of its curatorial staff, whose specializations in subjects including globalization, identity, environmentalism, international politics and postcolonialism often feed into programming.

    Aicon Gallery was developed from Gallery ArtsIndia, which was one of the first major outlets in the United States for art from India. Initially Gallery Arts India connected collectors, critics and curators to artists in India via an on-line platform, and after the initial positive feedback, opened as a gallery space in New York in 2002. Solo shows in New York have included G.R.Iranna, Bose Krishnamachari, Anandajit Ray Talha Rathore, Muhammed Zeeshan, Adeela Suleman and Atul Bhalla. It has also re-examined the oeuvres of lists working from the 1950s onwards, including F.N. Souza, M.F. Husain, K. Laxma Goud, S.H. Raza and Shyamal Dutta Ray.

    In 2002 the gallery acquired a substantial part of the Herwitz collection, comprising of works collected over a 35 year period. This has enabled the gallery to curate in-depth solo presentations but also to contextualize a rich period in art production in India.