Tamarind is a major advocate of contemporary Indian art. In addition to showcasing high caliber art, it aims to be a resource center for gaining an understanding of Indian art and artists, as well as the proper care, restoration, and conservation of art in various media.

The gallery was inaugurated as a museum in April 2003 by M. F. Husain, one of the most celebrated Indian artists of our time. Featured in the show was Lightning, a mammoth 12-panel, 10-feet by 60-feet work, his largest. Other exhibitions have included 50 Years of Bal Chhabda: Paintings in New York, an extraordinary showcase of never-before-seen works from the past half-century. The exhibition was Chhabda´s first in the United States. A most reclusive artist, Chhabda had only three prior solo shows, despite his prolific career.  Akbar Padamsee’s work was shown in Lines of Distinction, Strokes of Genius, Works on Paper 1959-2006.

Tamarind Art’s vision is to curate exhibitions that reflect a balance between senior established artists and younger talents working with experimental forms of conceptual installations. This combination reflects some of the most important trends in contemporary Indian art. Tamarind also hosts book readings and signings, and has become a nexus for many art organizations.