Founded in 1973, the New York Chinese Cultural Center nurtures, teaches and preserves traditional Chinese performing arts for present and future generations of Chinese-Americans, while introducing these forms to audiences throughout the U.S. Through its performances, workshops, lecture-demonstrations, classes and recordings, the center creates a focus for community pride and inspiration, building those proverbial bridges to other communities as a means of promoting knowledge and appreciation of Chinese arts and culture.

Dance China NY is the center’s resident touring company. Its repertoire of traditional and contemporary folk and classical dances weaves a vibrant vision of China’s ancient indigenous folk cultures. The dances give life to imperial courtesans, carnival rhythms and swords on distant battlefields.

The New York Chinese Cultural Center is also responsible for productions of contemporary Chinese music and the Annual Lunar New Year Festival, the largest of its kind on the East Coast.

The center’s dance school is the nation’s only full-time professional school of Chinese dance. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum of more than 1,000 classes and workshops annually and it is the only American institution to have taught the dance curriculum of the Beijing Dance Academy, China’s premier national dance institute.


Foreign-language Programs
Chinese language classes are offered for children ages 2-14. All class information for children is available in both Chinese and English. 

Programs for Seniors
Senior centers can request a dance performance at their sites.


The center provides dance classes, workshops and summer camps for young people.


Music and Dance Performance: Dressed in traditional costumes, dancers introduce students to Chinese culture through movement, language, history, on-stage demonstrations and audience interaction.

Lecture-Demonstration: Using silk banners, fans, handkerchiefs and swords, dancers take students on journeys through China’s farmland and Imperial Palace, revealing origins and meanings of centuries-old traditions.

Workshops: Artists work with students in different traditional Chinese arts forms, providing background information and hands-on experiences. Students create their own dances and Chinese artworks.