Influenced by hip-hop culture, Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) addresses social and economic injustice in low-income communities of color by utilizing youth leadership, community organizing, and hip-hop arts and culture.

    G.A.ME also focuses on food security and gardening, quality healthcare, resources for recording and performing artists through programs, events and campaigns.

    Grassroots Artists MovEment offers various outlets and services for recording and performing artists. G.A.ME has developed two music compilation albums on compact disc, hosted dozens of forums on intellectual property and artist rights and organized several concerts for the benefit of our artist members and their supporters.

    Youth leadership development programs through the R.E.B.E.L (Rallying, Educating & Building Effective Leadership) program includes youth leadership retreats for low-income residents, an Alternative-To-Incarceration (ATI) project geared towards youth incarceration prevention and intervention and daily access to G.A.ME's community center.

    The G.A.ME center is open to all, but offers youth ages 7 and up computer access, educational materials, board games, and a safe place to talk amongst their age group. G.A.ME's efforts and initiatives in healthcare have organized volunteer physicians to provide check-ups and address STDs with donated medicine. G.A.ME has helped hundreds of youth, artists and low-income New Yorkers find free and low-cost resources through a combination of advocacy and professional volunteer management techniques. Campaigns such as Hip-Hop for HealthCare have enlisted artists such as Common and Kanye West to advocate for better access to quality healthcare. G.A.ME was invited in 2004 and 2006 to testify on behalf of artists and low-income communities before the U.S. Congress on health disparities in America.