Starting Artists (SA) gives youth hands-on training in the arts and entrepreneurship. SA’s after-school classes in the arts and business prepare and inspire underserved middle and high school youth in creating arts-based enterprises.

SA is a unique space where students are expected to take initiative as they would in the work force. During the critical hours of 3—6 pm from Mondays to Thursdays, middle and high school youth follow the organization’s motto: “Get inspired. Get creative. Get to work!” at the Afterschool Program, available to ages 10-19. As a result of the welcoming and safe environment at SA, young artists are able to take the seed of an idea and see it grow and develop under one-on-one guidance from staff and volunteer artists.

SA reaches hundreds of individuals and families each year through the free Afterschool Program, Vacation Arts Intensives (taking place during public school breaks), Classes on Demand (private classes for all ages) and Community Events.

Student work and photos from SA's many activities can be viewed on