ACMA (The Amateur Classical Musicians Association) was founded in September 2007 to provide opportunities for nonprofessional (but dedicated) classical musicians to play solo and ensemble works in front of an appreciative audience. Through regularly scheduled monthly gatherings, members may play any classical piece of their choosing, performing in a friendly, recital-like setting.

    ACMA is dedicated to encourage the refinement of musical performance technique, regardless of proficiency level. Rather than focus on technical perfection, ACMA emphasizes the need for meaningful, inspired performances that are mutually satisfying for audience and performer alike.

    ACMA is open to any classical music non-professional, 18 years or older. Although musical expertise is not required, at least a basic ability with an instrument is desired, as well as the intention to perform in front of others at a future date.

    To join, please send an e-mail to, or visit the Web site.