The Obie Award-winning Chocolate Factory Theater supports the creation of new work in a variety of disciplines including theater, dance, music, multimedia and the visual arts. The Factory's 5,000-square-foot facility is home to new work by the company's founding artists and provides support to visiting artists in the form of multi-week creative residencies. It also provides artists dedicated access to space and technical equipment free of charge; marketing, press, and administrative assistance; commissioning support; and a guaranteed artist fee.

The Chocolate Factory values the process of creation and the spirit of experimentation. The company theater et al, from which The Chocolate Factory emerged, was for many years an itinerant producing organization, renting theaters and rehearsal spaces by the hour. The Factory was founded in part to alleviate many of the challenges of independent theater production in New York.

Artists invited to work at the Chocolate Factory receive dedicated rehearsal and performance residencies and are encouraged to put the space and technical resources to use in imaginative ways, with very few practical limitations. To this end, the multi-use spaces are designed for maximum flexibility.