Alwan for the Arts serves the Arab, North African and Middle Eastern communities and educates the broader public by showcasing a range of cultural events to enrich cross-cultural and artistic encounters. Alwan is committed to maintaining a space for reflection, dialogue and growth in the arts and cultures of the peoples of the Middle East, North Africa and the diaspora.

    Since 1998, Alwan for the Arts has played a leading role in promoting the diverse cultures of the Arab countries in New York City. Alwan organizes film festivals and screenings, book/poetry readings and signings, lectures and conferences, art exhibits, musical and theatrical performances, and language and literature classes. In 2003, Alwan established a center in Lower Manhattan which provides a physical base for its diverse cultural activities.

    Foreign-language Programs
    The music performances hosted by Alwan for the Arts feature songs of many languages, including Arabic and Farsi. Films always include English subtitles.