Founded in 1979, Flamenco Latino is a nonprofit music an dance company that combines the movement and heelwork of flamenco style dance with Latin salsa rhythms. Artistically, it is the only Spanish dance company exploring the historical relationship between Spain and the Hispanic Caribbean evident in the forms called cantes y toques de la ida y vuelta (songs and rhythms of the round trip). These are indigenous Caribbean styles such as the Cuban rumba.

In an educational realm, the company seeks to bring an understanding of both Spanish and Latino art forms to young people in the New York community through lecture-demonstrations and performances. For Latinos, this type of blend can promote an interest not only in the culture of Spain, but also in the pride in the cultural experience afforded by New York.

Flamenco Latino's studio offers many classes and events including flamenco dance, guitar and cante for both adults and children, master classes taught by visiting artists from Spain, presentations by flamenco musicologists, juergas (open jam sessions) and salsa/rumba dance parties.

Flamenco Latino also offers lecture demonstrations for both senior citizen and student groups, an active arts in educations onsite partnership program and a summer camp focused on percussive dance.

Foreign-language Programs
All dance and music classes and performances will employ some level of Spanish-language terminology and song.

Programs for Seniors
Flamenco Latino offers lecture demonstrations for senior citizen groups.


The company offers both on-site and in-school group
dance classes.