Citywide Youth Opera (CYOp) launched in the fall of 2005, offering young singers in-depth musical, dramatic and interpretive training, culminating in a public performance of operatic works by the great composers from the Baroque through contemporary periods. The program is open to students ages 14 to 21.

Attention to repertoire is what makes CYOp unique. While other programs have been created to coach teen singers in individual arias, art songs or in the process of creating an original opera, CYOp teaches skills to bring forth a polished performance of established repertoire, in addition to also offering aria study geared to the individual performer's needs.

Founder and artistic director Andrés Andrade spent five years as the director of the opera program at LaGuardia Arts High School. He is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, the New York Singing Teachers Association, and the faculty at Queens College.