Christina Ray, named for its founder, is an innovative gallery and creative catalyst in New York. It is grounded by the concept of psychogeography and seeks to discover and present the most important contemporary artists exploring the relationship between people and places.

The gallery's program was launched in early 2002 as an experimental, web-based arts lab called Glowlab, through which founder Christina Ray produced exhibitions and projects including street-based performance work and site-specific interventions in public space. Glowlab moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan in 2008 with an exhibition space at the edge of SoHo. In early 2010 Ray re-launched the gallery under her own name.

Represented artists work in a range of media and share a passion for examining the nature and psychology of the built environment. Artist talks, limited edition books, large-scale wall drawings and outdoor installations are often incorporated into exhibitions along with scholarly essays and catalogs.

The gallery presents approximately a dozen exhibitions per year and participates in major art fairs including PULSE New York/Miami, NEXT Chicago and the independently-run Fountain Art Fair New York/Miami.

In 2003 Ray co-founded the Conflux Festival, a New York City urban art and technology festival and symposium attracting artists and academics from all corners of the globe. Emerging from the collaborative development, production and exhibition of projects inspired by psychogeography, Conflux has become an internationally-acclaimed annual festival and Ray remains active as festival director.