The Susan Teller Gallery opened at 568 Broadway at Prince Street in 1988. In February 2007, it moved to its fourth and present location in the building, Room 502A. Its focus is American paintings, prints and unique works on paper from the 1930s, 40s and 50s,  including the WPA Era, Urban and Industrial Realism, and Modernism. Susan Teller earned a master's degree in art history at Queens College, New York, in  1975. She was employed by the Museum of Modern Art, 1967-68, and at Associated American Artists, NY, 1973-88. She is a member of Art Table, an Advisory Board member of the Society of American Graphic Artists, and the Art Deco Society. She is also an executive board member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association.

In addition to numerous gallery brochures, she has written on the work of Ivan Albright, and cataloged the prints of Isabel Bishop, Dorothy Dehner, Riva Helfond and William E. Smith.

Among noteworthy exhibitions of the gallery are Industrial Realism, fall, 1997; A New York Triangle: The Art Students League, Union Square, Woodstock, spring of 1999; From Gas Lights to Television, summer, 2003; American Mural Studies, 1935 to 1962, August/September, 2004; Picturing Oz, March/April, 2007, and American Modernist Pastels, July/August, 2007. The many one-person shows including those for Bernarda Bryson Shahn and Fannie Hillsmith, 2003, Ben Shahn, and Mitchell Siporin, 2004, and Harry Sternberg and Louis Schanker, 2005, Howard Daum and Anne Ryan, 2007.

The gallery works with collectors and institutions throughout the country, and has placed works with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of Art, the New York Public Library and the British Museum, London, and the museums of colleges and universities such as Northwestern, Harvard, Wellesley and Yale.