Bowery Arts & Sciences is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1995. It preserves and develops the oral tradition of poetry via live readings, media documentation and creation.

    Bowery Arts & Sciences (BAS) annually produces more than 1,200 poetry, music, folk arts and theater events at the Bowery Poetry Club. Its education-through-the-arts programs annually serve over 2,500 adolescents.

    The “World of Poetry” series allows the community to hear poetry from around the world both in its native language and in translation as read by the translator. The theme of the “Griot in New York” series is to reveal the connections between urban hip-hop and spoken word, and their shared roots in the oral tradition of poetry. It produces the Summer Institute of Social Justice and Applied Poetics with Urban Word NYC; the series has six master classes and 15 workshops for serving over 500 at-risk New York City youth.

    Programs for Seniors
    The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project brings professional poets into assisted living and adult day care centers to use poetry with people living with Alzheimer’s disease.