The Gabarron Foundation—Carriage House Center for the Arts is a nonprofit institution and international center specializing in contemporary art exhibitions among other cultural activities. Since 2002, its main objective has been promoting the cultural wealth and identity of both Spain and America, as well as the legacy of those lands and their peoples. One major focus is the Spanish language, the mother tongue of 23 countries, unites more than 500 million native-speakers.

The foundation seeks to extend the diversity of approaches regarding the influence of Spanish and American cultures in their own societies. The Gabarron Foundation aims to provide a space for interaction and enhanced appreciation of emerging and established cultural figures from Spain and America. The international Center for the Arts is also a place for the interpretation and exchange of contemporary art and culture, as well as an echo chamber for the Spanish land outside its borders and, at the same time, a mirror of the American culture.

It is located in the heart of Manhattan, in a landmarked building dating to 1902 built by the renowned architect Ralph S. Townsend.