Forest Hills Symphony Orchestra/Queens Festival Orchestra is a non-profit organization whose philosophy is, in practice as well as by charter, an educational organization. Its mission is to:

1. teach the young and offer them skills necessary for an eventual career in music

2. offer adults of varying musical abilities a place to improve their musical skills

3. create music in the positive social experience of community service

The orchestra is a community made up of people from Queens, Nassau and greater New York areas. The players span eight decades in age and cross all ethnic lines and occupations—from student to retiree.

The symphony offers a service to the Forest Hills community and its surrounding environs. The elderly, without a comfortable and safe means of transportation do not seek out musical entertainment outside their neighborhoods. In the daylight hours they will congregate in a local park, or at a large indoor auditorium. Forest Hills Symphony Orchestra aims to bring music to these people.

The regular concert audience is largely seniors, with more than 400 tickets given out free of charge to senior citizen centers and residential homes for the handicapped in the Forest Hills and Queens County.