The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) explores the blurred zone between art, design and craft today. MAD focuses on contemporary creativity and the ways in which artists and designers from around the world transform materials through processes ranging from the artisanal to the digital.

The museum’s exhibition program explores and illuminates issues and ideas, highlights creativity and craftsmanship and celebrates the limitless potential of materials and techniques when used by creative and innovative artists. MAD’s permanent collection is global in scope and focuses on art, craft and design from 1950 to the present day.

At the center of the museum’s mission is education. Its new facility features classrooms and studios for master classes, seminars and workshops for students, families and adults. Three open artist studios engage visitors in the creative processes of artists at work and enhance the exhibition programs. Lectures, films, performances and symposia related to the museum’s collection and topical subjects affecting the world of contemporary art, craft and design are held in a renovated,  144-seat auditorium.

Programs for Seniors
Senior groups can book museum tours.

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) champions contemporary makers across creative fields, presenting artists, designers, and artisans who apply the highest level of ingenuity and skill to their work. Since the Museum's founding in 1956 by philanthropist and visionary Aileen Osborn Webb, MAD has celebrated all facets of making and the creative processes by which materials are transformed, from traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies. Today, the Museum's curatorial program builds upon a rich history of exhibitions that emphasize a cross-disciplinary approach to art and design, and reveals the workmanship behind the objects and environments that shape our everyday lives. MAD provides an international platform for practitioners who are influencing the direction of cultural production and driving 21st-century innovation, fostering a participatory setting for visitors to have direct encounters with skilled making and compelling works of art and design.


Studio Sundays, MAD’s material- and process-rich hands-on workshops for the entire family, focus on the physicality of “making,” and the sensual and tactile qualities of materials.

The session takes place every Sunday from 2 pm sharp to 4 pm, providing an introduction to various mixed media—clay, metal, fiber, wood, glass, paper, rubber, etc.—and related studio activities that encourage the transformation of ideas into art objects.

Examples from the museum's exhibitions serve as inspiration. Past workshops have dealt with the making of prints, jewelry, dolls, puppets and paper.

Studio Sundays 2-4pm. No reservations required, but space is limited. $10 per individual, includes admission and all materials. For more information, call (212) 299-7720.


MADlab Program
This 90-minute program for students includes a museum tour
and standards-based 3-D mixed media workshop. The workshops
explore three-dimensional art-making in conjunction with current
issues, creating an environment of inquiry, arts-making, and critical
thinking. Fees: $105 advance flat fee for public schools and a $150 fee for all other roups. Fee covers museum admission and all art materials. Title One schools should contact the Education department.

In-School Residencies
This three-session program includes classroom workshops prior to
and following your trip to the museum, delivered by our professional
artist educators and tailored to the individual needs of your class.
Fees: $500 per class advance flat fee that includes museum admission
and all art materials.

Professional Development

MAD’s Professional Development is aimed at supplementing teachers and educators existing knowledge of contemporary art, craft and design. Professional Development Seminars are led by artists, curators and education professionals to assist teachers in utilizing art, craft and design in the classroom. The seminars and participatory workshops are based on teachers’ concerns and interests, addressing topics such as program implementation and integration with school curriculum. Seminars are designed for K-12 educators in all subjects to discover creative ways of interpreting and presenting fundamental concepts using art, craft and design as a bridge for comprehension. These professional development sessions are scheduled to coincide with the Department of Education’s designated dates for professional development for teachers.

MAD also facilitates professional development sessions for private groups of teachers and educators. To register for programs or for more information, call the Education Department at (212) 299-7759.

The museum's Web site in the Teacher's Lounge section includes links to teaching guides related to special exhibitions. The guides include information appropriate to various school grades. It also has the information needed to register for any of the programs.