The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden includes 28 buildings on 83 acres of beautifully landscaped and naturalistic surroundings. In addition to its park-like setting, Snug Harbor is home to the Staten Island Children's Museum, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, the Noble Maritime Museum, the Children's Harbor Pre-School, the Art Lab, the Studio Artist Community, the Staten Island Children's Theatre and the Botanical Garden.

Originally called Sailors' Snug Harbor, the center was built in the 1800s by a successful shipping magnate, Robert Richard Randall, as a retirement home for aged seamen. The complex boasts one of the region's finest collections of Greek Revival architecture, surrounded by other buildings in the Italianate, Beaux-Arts and Second Empire styles. Concerts and performances are held at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden year-round. Guided tours depart from the gift shop on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm.


Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden offers a wide range of classes for children and families. Yoga, tai chi, fencing, bridge, piano, guitar, and arts and humanities are but a few of the offerings. To receive a monthly schedule listing current courses, call the main office or pick one up at the Visitors Center.

Family Admission: Varies


Schoolchildren are encouraged to become creators as well as informed consumers of culture through the SHCC's educational programs, including: Arts Discovery On-site Education Programs: Interdisciplinary, hands-on experiences designed to allow young people opportunities to explore creativity, discover community and learn classroom subjects. These workshops are rooted in the New York State Learning Standards and reflect the NYC Department of Education's Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts. Programs complement the classroom curriculum across disciplines and are adaptable to meet school needs and requests. On-site programs last about 90 minutes, with teacher packets available to help prepare students for the programs and extend learning into other classroom activities. The Stage is a Classroom: Students attend performances of dance, theater, music, storytelling and puppetry at Snug Harbor. Support materials and lesson ideas to help teachers maximize learning are supplied. Programming and ticket prices vary; please contact the Education Department for more information. SHCC also works closely with several Region 7 schools developing grant-funded partnerships and school residencies. Artist-in-Residence Programs: Call for information about residencies in music, theater, movement, puppetry, drawing and architecture. SHCC can also develop new and custom-made educational programs for individual schools. Call (718) 448-2500 x555 or x556 to learn more. Programs for Teachers Opportunities for professional development for local teachers related to exhibits and performances at Snug Harbor are available. Call for details.

School Admission: $5 per student, $3 per Title I student
School Program Location: At facility and at schools & other locations