Founded in 1994, the Redhawk Native American Arts Council is a small grassroots cultural organization, founded and and maintained by Indigenous artists and educators who reside in and around the New York City area. RNAC presents unique cultural programming in educational institutions from Kindergarten to universities and in corporate diversity programs. It helps break stereotypes by presenting Native American culture in a positive and accurate way.

RNAC hosts one of the largest Native American festivals/powwows in the northeast, including its flagship event the Gateway to Nations hosted at Gateway National Park in Brooklyn.

Redhawk provides economic opportunities for Native artists, educators and performers by providing them with venues to sell their work and ways to be contracted for programs.  It also hosts a youth group and a college fund for Indigenous New York area students.


The youth program teaches crafts, dance, music and regalia making to educational groups of all backgrounds. The Redhawk Dance Troupe is availabe for bookings as well.