The Alchemical is a performance venue and comfortable, creative work space for theater, music, education and the visual arts. It especially intends to support the economy of being an artist in NYC, by offering affordable space everyday for rehearsal, classes, workshops, auditions, readings, photo/video shoots, performance, special events and art exhibittions.

    It runs an open space which serves an enormous diversity of NYC and international artists–as both a safe haven to work and create in, as well as a uniquely inviting social atmosphere to find and create community and be supported as serious artists. The Alchemical closely attends to the needs of everyone who works here, and strives to maintain a respectful and constructive atmosphere to support the community.

    The Alchemical is an artist-run facility and understands the importance of your work. By providing affordable creative spaces to emerging artists, as well as established organizations who seek The Alchemical’s intimate environment – it strives to catalyze its dedication to research into the contemporary meaning and nature of live performance.

    The Alchemical is also known as an unusually warm and exciting downtown salon for experimental theater, music and performance. Its aim is to have public events be informative, inspiring and fun­, in order to engender a meaningful engagement between artists and audience.